VXT-VX Futures Trade-at-Settlement

Trade at Settlement ("TAS") transactions are permitted in VX futures and may be transacted on CFE's trading system, as Block Trades (including as spread transactions but not as a strip) and as ECRP transactions. The permissible price range for all types of TAS transactions in VX futures is from $100 (0.10 index points x $1,000) below the daily settlement price to $100 above the daily settlement price. The permissible minimum increment for all TAS transactions in VX futures that are transacted on the Cboe System is 0.01 index points. Any TAS transaction must satisfy the requirements of CFE Rule 404A. All TAS orders are required to be Day Orders. TAS Market Orders and TAS Stop Orders are not permitted. VXT is the ticker symbol for VX TAS transactions. CFE notes that TAS transactions in VX futures for the then applicable business day may be executed during the expanded VX futures trading hours. The close of trading hours for TAS transactions executed through CFE's electronic trading system continues to be 3:13 p.m. Additionally, any TAS Block Trades or TAS Exchange of Contract for Related Position (ECRP) transactions need to be reported to CFE by 3:13 p.m. in order to be a TAS trade for that calendar day and to be cleared on that calendar day. TAS Block or TAS ECRP transactions that are reported to CFE before 3:13 p.m. and disseminated by CFE after 3:13 p.m. are disseminated through the use of the trading symbol VX instead of the trading symbol VXT.

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