HOSS SPX Opening

HOSS Messages for VIX

The Hybrid Opening System (HOSS) disseminates Expected Opening Price and Size Messages during the Pre-Open and Rotation States until series move into the OPEN State.

The messages that may be disseminated are:

Need More Buyers / Need More Sellers

The NEED MORE messages indicate that there is an imbalance in the market and more liquidity is needed.The Quantity field displays the additional quantity needed to successfully open the series, and the Price field shows the widest point that the series can open with the current BBO.

Opening Price

This message is sent in pre-open and rotation states when the system has calculated that a trade will occur under current conditions.

Be advised that the EOP should NOT be used to calculate a final settlement value nor is it designed to be used as a proxy for or as a substitute for the final settlement value. Information regarding the series used in VIX settlement can be found here: http://cfe.cboe.com/Products/vixsettleseries.aspx.

For any additional information or questions concerning the SPX HOSS process, please contact the Help Desk at 1-866-728-2263.

The HOSS data has a time stamp of: 5/18/2015 8:33 AM..  To download the Opening as a CSV file Click Here.

Series Message Quantity Price State Legal Market
SPX Jun-15-19 1100.00 TEST NEED BUYERS 222 0.1 Pre-Open TRUE
SPX Jun-15-19 1300.00 TEST NEED SELLERS 333 1.1 Pre-Open TRUE
SPX Jun-15-19 1400.00 TEST OPENING PRICE 555 2.2 Pre-Open TRUE
SPXW May-15-29 1500.00 TEST NEED BUYERS 99999 0.1 Pre-Open TRUE
SPXW May-15-29 1600.00 TEST NEED SELLERS 99999 1.1 Pre-Open TRUE
SPXW May-15-29 1700.00 TEST OPENING PRICE 99999 2.2 Pre-Open TRUE