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Trading Permits

Trading Permits

The CBOE Futures Exchange, LLC (CFE) and Chicago Board Options Exchange, Incorporated (CBOE) are wholly-owned subsidiaries of CBOE Holdings, Inc. CFE offers an all electronic, open access market model. Firms and/or individuals that desire to have direct access to the CFE are required to become a Trading Privilege Holder (TPH) and obtain a TPH permit. Additionally, any firm that desires to become a CFE clearing firm is required to become a TPH and obtain a TPH permit. There is a $500 application fee for Non-CBOE Trading Permit Holder applicants. There is no application fee for CBOE Trading Permit Holders.

A more informative discussion of CFE's TPH program can be found in the following document: Description of Trading Privileges on CFE

Applications for Trading

TPH Organization Application Timeline and Needs List
Organization Trading Privilege Holder Application
CFE Responsible Trader and Executive Officer Info Cover Sheet with 8-R
Form 7-R
Pooled Investment Vehicle Appendix to Organization Application for Trading on CFE
CFE Security Futures Market Maker and Dealer Registration Form
Individual Application Timeline and Needs List
Individual Sole Proprietor Trading Privilege Holder Application

Clearing Member Guarantee Forms

CFE Clearing Member Guarantee Form For Activity Through Its Connection to CBOEdirect
CFE Clearing Member Guarantee Form For Activity of Trading Privilege Holders with Direct Connections to CBOEdirect

Forms for Trading

Login Request Form
New Acronym Group for Existing Logins
TPH Organization Activation/Termination Form
Individual TPH Activation/Termination Form

CFE Approved Foreign Jurisdictions

CFE Approved Foreign Jurisdictions