CFE Rule Filings

Date Document Description Federal Register Publications
07/12/2018 SR-CFE-2018-014  Replace Certain Incentive Programs with New Fee Schedule
07/12/2018 SR-CFE-2018-013  XBT LMM Program Deletion
07/12/2018 SR-CFE-2018-012  VX and XBT Fees
07/10/2018 SR-CFE-2018-011  TAS Opening and Non-TAS Order Submissions
07/10/2018 SR-CFE-2018-010  VX TAS Price Range
06/13/2018 SR-CFE-2018-009  Delist Certain VU Futures Expirations
06/08/2018 SR-CFE-2018-008  Amended XBT LMM Program
05/31/2018 SR-CFE-2018-007  Migration Day Trade Rebates
04/17/2018 SR-CFE-2018-006  Cboe Bitcoin (XBT) Futures Minimum Increment
04/11/2018 SR-CFE-2018-005  Trading System Clarifications and Updates
03/21/2018 SR-CFE-2018-004  CFTC Regulation Updates
03/15/2018 SR-CFE-2018-003  Extend Weekly VX LMM Program
01/24/2018 SR-CFE-2018-002  Trading System Migration Updates
01/18/2018 SR-CFE-2018-001  Cboe Bitcoin (XBT) Trading Halts
12/14/2017 SR-CFE-2017-029  Fee Schedule Changes for 2018
12/14/2017 SR-CFE-2017-027  Foreign Proprietary Trading Firm Incentive Program Extension
12/14/2017 SR-CFE-2017-023   Extend VX Weekly LMM Program Until 3.31.18
12/14/2017 SR-CFE-2017-026  New Foreign Trader Incentive Program Extension
12/14/2017 SR-CFE-2017-025  New European Futures Commission Merchant Incentive Program Extension
12/14/2017 SR-CFE-2017-028  DPM Market Performance Benchmarks Program Extension

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