VX Futures Daily Settlement Prices

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The VX Futures Daily Settlement Prices for 1/17/2018 are below. To download the Daily Settlement Prices as a CSV file click here.

Symbol Daily
Settlement Price
VX 01/17/2018 12.6100
VX04 01/24/2018 11.3000
VX05 01/31/2018 11.4500
VX06 02/7/2018 11.8250
VX 02/14/2018 12.1250
VX08 02/21/2018 12.4750
VX09 02/27/2018 12.6250
VX 03/21/2018 12.5750
VX 04/18/2018 13.1750
VX 05/16/2018 13.7250
VX 06/20/2018 14.2250
VX 07/18/2018 14.8250
VX 08/22/2018 15.1750
VX 09/19/2018 15.7000

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